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Set up in 2018, Smrti Academy is the best CBSE school located in Huskur, off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.  The school is set up by promoters who are in the education sector since 2005. Smrti Academy is being set up by a very experienced team with diverse backgrounds, including education, consulting, shared services, banking, and infrastructure. Together, the team brings over 100 years of experience in education. The school is registered with the Government of Karnataka.

Starting from the academic year 2023-24, the School is operating up to 10th Grade, which eventually will go up to XII std. Children who are 5 years 5 months as of 1st June are eligible to apply for 1st Grade (Standard), and who has completed 6 years as of June 1 will be eligible for M3 (Nursery and KGs).

CBSE School Near Me in Bangalore

Before buying a product, we do extensive research on online channels, enquire friends & families, use other channels to gather complete information about products before purchasing it. The same rule applies when you look for a good CBSE school around you for your child. Similarly, when researching about CBSE curriculum school for your child, you may also have to research about various schools. The hard work will be worth your while if you find a school that brings out the best in your child.

The Smrti Academy school does not focus on education only but believes in the overall development of students, so we work on knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. A strong curriculum in academics and blending of academics and cocurricular activities ensure that children are able to connect what is there in the books to real life.

The Smrti Academy School is following the CBSE curriculum as per new grades defined by the Government of India. The School has four grades – The Foundation stage from Montessori to 3rd Grade, earlier known as preprimary school. Next, Preparatory Grade from 4th to 6th grades, earlier known as primary school. Third, Middle School follows the CBSE pattern followed by Secondary Grades.

How To Choose Good CBSE School

Let’s dive deeper to understand the important factors that need to be considered while choosing the best CBSE school for your children.

Tips to Choose the Top CBSE School for Your Child

In this guide, we will go through the steps that will help you why to choose Smrti Academy for your child to secure his academic future.

1. Academic & Beyond Academic Activities

No doubt that what a child learn and experience from his study stays with them for years. Being a parent, it is our responsibility to not only focus on the school which provides better education but also, need to do proper research about school whether providing an extracurricular activity or not which is required for the overall growth of your child.

Schools meeting the highest standard in terms of highest education standard, student-teacher ratio, teacher excellence, teaching methodology, academic & extracurricular activity, and more.

Extra-curricular activities like outdoor games, team sports, yoga, art & craft, hobby ideas, physical education, dance & drama classes also play a massive part in shaping a child’s overall personality.

They can add an extra edge to your child’s capacity for learning and further hone his/her intellectual skills.

2. Teacher-Student Ratio

Would you like to send your child to a school that allows 60 students per class where the teacher cannot focus on each student or a school that allows only 10-12 students where the teacher constantly keeps an eye on children and does not get enough time to showcase their skills?

Choose the school which allows the right set of students in a class so each student will get the teacher’s attention at a limit.

The various study has proved that right set of students in a class allows giving equal opportunity to focus on each student and get the opportunity to shine in both education and extracurricular activities.

As a rule of thumb, the perfect teacher-student ratio is 1:30 per class is an accepted industry norm in good primary/secondary schools.

Smrti Academy not only provides education but adds value to students’ life and that is possible with their right student-teacher ratio i.e. 1:20 for Montessori students & 1:30 for senior students.

3. Clean Environment And Close To Nature

When it comes to kids, a clean and hygienic school environment is a massive priority. As a parent, you need to know if this is actually the case or not.

Things like – Are the outdoor games and toys safe for use by children? Is the playground kept clean and tidy?

Are the support staff and teachers themselves clean and hygienic? – need to be checked and confirmed personally.

Also, is the school adequately equipped with medical equipment and staff in case of a medical emergency with a child?

Has the staff been trained in basic life-saving and CPR techniques? These are some of the other things you need to look at too.

Is the school is located in a crowded place where lot of noise disturbing the classes and students are not able to focus on their studies because of this?

Smrti Academy is located in Huskur Bangalore, and it is very close to nature. The school is surrounded by a mini forest. This not only allows students to feel the closeness of nature but also allows students to concentrate on their studies.

4. Discipline

This factor has added significance today in light of the fact that we see so little of it among kids these days.

Choosing a school with a high level of discipline is important to make sure your child absorbs the right values and takes responsibility for his/her actions.

However, the methods adopted by the school should be civil.

Many studies have shown that a stressful school environment can lead to a decline in the understanding and learning capability of children.

Smrti Academy makes sure that on enrolling your child in, we educate children in a free, healthy, stress-free environment.

5. Curriculum

Do your research about the school has a strong program of core academic subjects such as English, Maths, Science, 2nd & 3rd language, Arts, Music, and other languages. Does the school have a special focus on the weak students or any program for them? If your child needs any special learning, does the school have a curriculum and the necessary supports to appropriately accommodate those needs?

We have a very academic program designed for all kinds of students whether seeking special attention or not. Based on the student’s mindset, the treatment is given to them.

6. Facilities And Services

There is a well-stocked library where students can check out books and do research? Reading materials are available in other languages as well. The schoola management ensures each and every students get the enough time everyday to spend time in Library. As the world going digitally, We ensure each student gets the computer and internet access in school campus. We focus on computer study.

We have some of the other facilities and services on requirement in school:

We have a large auditorium for school assemblies.

 There is a medical room for any serious injuries happends

The school has a well-ventilated and clean cafeteria, and the school offer a nutritionally well-balanced food.

Admission Process

What is the age limit for seeking admission to Smrti Academy? We strictly follow the guideline set up by GoI. The government has set guidelines for schools and parents to enroll their children in grades as per their age. Any student who attains the age of 6 years as of June 1 is eligible for getting admission to standard 1.

To secure admission in Smrti Academy from the foundation stage (Nursery to Sr. KG) the student has to attain the minimum age of 3 years on June 1 to secure a seat in Nursery, 4 years for Junior KG, and 5 years for Sr. KG.

Any child studying in Floretz Academy, a Montessori and Daycare centre, has two branches one each in HSR Layout and Kasavanahalli, off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The children get direct admission in 1st standard.

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