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Beyond Academics – A Way To Learn And Build Character

Learning is a continuous process that should help children understand that everything and every creature in this Universe is inter-connected. They depend on each other. The ability to connect the dots is the biggest part of the learning process. What is generally known as Co-curricular is actually part of the learning process and is very much part of the curriculum.

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the experience at Smrti Academy. These activities teach us lifelong lessons in preservance, hard work, the true meaning of teamwork and how to compete fairly. Children learn to take wins and losses.

There is a general distortion of losing in a game/competition and pressure on children to only win. Smrtians learn that Life is like chasing a butterfly. Just have some fun while we try. Our children take part and learn in these activities because of their love for the activities. It is finally about character building.


Core Strengthening, Stamina Building and understanding the techniques that help master athletics. Children will enjoy this program as well as build on their physical wellness, ability to remain alert, ability to win or lose and ability to work as a team. The Coach of Smrti Academy was a state level athlete and has been teaching children for over 10 years now.

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Introduce children to field games like football, basketball, throwball, kabaddi, and volleyball. There will also be lot of free play so that children learn to invent their own games, play as a team (and typically they will have their own gangs), games that each of them like and not necessarily what the school wants them to play.

 Introduce children to basics of games like badminton, table tennis, carrom board and chess. Here again, children can choose to play the game they like. 
Beyond Academics

Art Forms

Smrti’s Art, Craft and Performing Art program will include a basic appreciation of drawing, painting, colouring, music and dance. The School’s Art Department is headed by a highly experienced art teacher with over 15 years of experience in Art, Craft and Sculpture. We have a good basic program in Dance and Music. Our Dance teacher has 10 years experience in various forms of dance and will give our children the basics.

Social Work

Children understand that inclusive living is the only way in this world. Community work will be a large part of the Smrti Learning Program. During the initial years, children will be busy setting up the Mini-Forest along with a team of experts, in our Campus. This will be an important project as this mini-forest will help raise the underground water table around the school. This, in turn, will help families who live close to the School.

Well Being

Smrti has a complete wellness program that looks at well-being from various angles – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial.

Our curriculum and our approach to learning ensure all aspects of wellness. A child centric approach to learning, assessment and recognition that the School and its stakeholders are all there for the child, help in bringing about wellness for the child as well as the stakeholders.

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