The Speaking Woods

April Edition

We are reaching the fag end of the academic year with online revisions taking place in  full swing  for  the  ensuing final exams. Children, as usual, await the summer break, a time to recuperate and refresh. This year has been exceptionally strenuous for them, given the pandemic and the added burden to get adapted to a fully online system of learning and exams. There cannot be a more deserving break than this one. Parents inclusive, do enjoy the days off.

Schedule for the final exam has been uploaded on CoolG and the PTM has been fixed on 19th April 2021. Time slot will be shared shortly with all of you. PTM would be the time to take stock of your child’s performance and progress over the last one year. It would certainly help you guide her/his academic growth. Hence, I request all of you to attend the PTM and discuss your child’s progress in detail with the class teachers. Read More

March Edition

Greetings from Smrti Academy! With vaccination going on in full swing and COVID-19 appropriate behaviour generally being complied with, my dream of classes happening on the campus may turn out to be sooner than we think. It would be a pleasure to experience the brand-new campus humming with activity with children all around, pursuing learning in an ideal environment. The school management has been innovative in designing the campus and have toiled very hard to complete the construction of the new campus despite the pandemic.
I am very happy to inform you that the Pre-primary Montessori and the Elementary Montessori rooms are ready. The state of art library with modern learning pedagogy in mind would turn out to be a happy hunting ground for children. It is meant for the present generation with all their requirements in mind. In a knowledge-based world they have to be the best is our mission. Read More

February Edition

Greetings from Smrti Academy! We thank the Almighty for keeping all of us safe and healthy during these trying times as we step into the second month of the Calendar year. With the vaccination program on, we can look forward to the end of this pandemic.
The month of January has been quite enriching as students of all Grades got a chance to showcase their talent in the recently conducted Republic Day online celebration. Their enthusiasm and the will to appreciate the values of our Republic, bodes well for the country. Grooming them to become responsible citizens of this country should be the contribution of every school and we do our best to make it happen. Our focus on activities, labs and events online is clearly working. Read More

February Edition
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