Smrti Academy: an Innovative School

Smrti Academy is one of the best schools from Montessori (Foundation Stage) to 8th Grade (Middle Stage) that commenced operations in June 2018. It has been set up by promoters who have been in Education for 17 years. Children who are 5 years 5 months as of 1st June are eligible to apply for 1st Grade (Standard). The school will go up to 12th Grade in the future.

In 2022-23, the School will operate up to 9th Grade.

The School focuses on knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. A strong approach to academics and co-curricular, with a blend of both ensures that children are able to connect what is there in the books to real life. Read More...


Smrti Academy is Your Choice

With focus on Knowledge, Skills, Values and Attitude; Activity Based Learning

Working seamlessly with children and parents, Smrti Academy drives Freedom of Thought and Learning. The Smrti Mom is the personal mentor for your child

Smrti Academy Choice

A 5-fold approach to wellness that includes Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial. Social-Emotional Wellness is a key element

A healthy mix of Games, Athletics, Art, Public Speaking, Bhagavad Gita Recitation, Dance and Music with Academics  helps build Character

Get to Know Smrti Academy

1:30 teacher ratio

Learning @ Smrti Academy

17 Years and 245 Schools...

The Promoters of Smrti Academy have been in Education for 17 years and the NGO they are associated with educates 20,000+ children in 245 Village Schools. The approach of Smrti is a collaborative one where the school, children, parents and the society at large, all focus on the well-being of our children.

Foundation Stage School

The Foundational Stage covers Pre-Primary to 3rd Grade. Our Integrated Montessori Approach takes this stage up to 3rd Grade which is the logical point as regards Child Development

Preparatory Stage School

The Preparatory Stage covers 4th and 5th Grades. In this Stage, Smrti Academy moves to an Activity Based Approach helping children grasp abstract concepts through activities

Middle Stage School

The Middle Stage covers 6th to 8th Grades. In this Stage, Smrti Academy moves children towards abstract and self-learning

Secondary Stage School

The Secondary Stage covers 9th to 12th Grades. Smrti Academy will start admissions to this stage from 2022.

Admissions and Next Steps

Children who are 5 years 5 months as of 1st June 2022 are eligible to apply for 1st Grade (Standard). In 2022-23, the School will go to 9th Grade.

Admissions Open for 2022-23

Admissions are now open for Pre-primary (also known as Kindergarten, Montessori, Nursery), Primary School (also known as 1st to 5th Grades/Standards) and Middle School (also known as 6th to 8th Grades/Standards).  Applications for all grades now available.

Our Happy Parents!

Smriti Academy is one school where I can see children make progress in leaps and bounds in all aspects.

Teachers are dedicated and learning happens seamlessly.

Uma J

The online sessions are going well. Kudos to the teachers. They are being patient, kind and extremely professional in their delivery. The idea of having a back up teacher is great too as if for any reason the main teacher drops out – the session is not disturpted and the children remain engaged.


Fantastic school! The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized. The admission process is outstanding. They really care for the best for your child.

Shoshana. B

Children studying in Smrti are growing to become confident, hard working, talented and very empathetic human beings.

Deepa C

A great school that promotes creativity and all-round development.


Our journey with Smrti has been true to the core of values it promotes. My child loves her class and studies without us sitting beside her, as their ideology of activity based learning makes it a playful learning environment.  Even during Covid times their focus was continuation of studies for our children and that is what sets this school a class apart.