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What comes to your mind first when you look for one of the best CBSE schools near Rayasandra? Probably, a good school near to your location? Step into the nurturing environment of the Best CBSE School near Rayasandra, where education is not just a curriculum, but a journey of growth and discovery. Our school believes in fostering a sense of community and a love for learning, providing a warm and supportive atmosphere that encourages each child to flourish. Admissions are now open, inviting families to join our close-knit educational family. With a commitment to academic excellence and a focus on holistic development, we strive to create an environment where every child feels valued and empowered. Come, be a part of our school, where education goes beyond textbooks, and the human touch is at the heart of every lesson.

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Smrti Academy Infrastructure & Our Values

If you visit Smrti Academy, you will find the school buildings are built with great architecture which is environment-friendly, is age-appropriate and designed to meet the needs of the child. The school strives to be the best school across the region and with this single-minded objective, Smriti Academy focuses on the all-around development of the child in academics, activities and sports. It gives equal and fair importance not only to academics but to activities and sports as well. Thus, ensuring that the child can decide and build his/her future. Further,  it upholds strong values, morals, principles, ideologies and ethics. The school’s programmes are designed to develop the inquiring and inquisitive mind for the Sciences, the passion and heart for the Arts and the zeal, enthusiasm and physique for Sports.

The curricular and extracurricular activities in Smriti Academy seek to instill self-confidence, responsibility, sensitivity and independence in children. Smriti Academy follows the CBSE standard. Furthermore, the curriculum includes Pre School (Nursery, Jr.KG, Sr.KG), Junior School (Classes 1 to 4), Middle School (Classes 5 to 8) and Senior School (Classes 9 to 12). The focus of the school is the overall development of the child makes Smrti Academy School the ideal place for children. 

Why choose Smriti Academy for your child’s education?

As a parent, we look for a child-friendly atmosphere, activity and value-based learning, peaceful and nurturing environment, good infrastructure and child-centric learning. Smriti Academy follows the most child-friendly methodology apt to suit the curriculum needs and adheres to the highest academic standards. We build a beautiful scenic, lush green landscape for peace and positivity, in and around the school in the spirit of enthusiastic spirit every day. The outstanding infrastructure to suit the age-specific needs and requirements is an added advantage to hone the latent aptitudes and skills of the students and bring about holistic development. We believe in working in collaboration with our parent fraternity and expect them to be involved in their child’s development through the periodic Parents’ Workshops and Parent Educator Meetings. All our activities and events – curricular and co-curricular – are structured and aim at instilling moral values and ethics in our students which will help them in their lives in the real world, to become contributing citizens and live their life to the fullest in the most rewarding manner.

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Admissions are open for the academic year 2024-25.

As we are open to welcoming bright minds with young passions for the academic year 2024-25 as it’s time to get a broad foundation for your children to select their specialization. To know more about us, you can visit our website and contact us via email or phone mobile: +91 99020 64819 or email:


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