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Smrti Academy, established in 2018, and proved itself as one of the best CBSE schools near Electronic City, Bangalore. The school is established by promoters who have 17 years of experience in the education sector and support 245 schools in rural areas across all over India. Smrti Academy focuses on the all-round development of students, so meets the academic and developmental needs of every child by offering an age-appropriate and child-centric curriculum. Though the emphasis is on academics, Smrti Academy offers a rich program that combines Art, Yoga, Music, and Sports as part of the core curriculum.

Smrti Academy offers the best of curricula practiced around the world. We take the best part from each country and integrate it into our education.

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CBSE is one of the tops & preferred boards across India. Smrti Academy chose CBSE as a mode of the curriculum for decades.

The CBSE was established officially in 1962 to provide a common platform for all the students in the country.

Thus, students need not make extra efforts to learn a different set of curricula to crack the exam. Do you know that apart from national level exams, CBSE is beneficial at the international level too? 

Smrti Academy believes that CBSE does not place additional pressure on pupils and instead focuses on providing high-quality education. In India, CBSE is regarded as more flexible than other boards since it encourages customization when it comes to choosing a few more topics from Grades VIII to XII, whether in language or any other subject.

Smrti Academy among many branches is also located in and near the electronic city. An easy commute for all parents and a growing area is close to proximity like our schools.

Electronic city is one of the most highly rated areas in Karnataka and a feasible location 

There are a plethora of options available for the parents but coming to a wise decision is important as this is the most crucial step for your child’s future. 

Let Smrti Academy make it a little easier for you.

With 100 years of combined excellence & experience, Smrti Academy continues to drive excellence with innovation. Smrti Academy imparts hi-tech teachings with world-class modern equipment. Apart from the infrastructure, teachers play a pivotal role in imparting education. Following are some of the features that make the academy even more beneficial.

  • Student-friendly environment
  • Extra curriculum
  • Uniformity
  • Centralized & curated education system
  • Physical & cognitive development
  • Preparing for the future.
  • Good infrastructure
  • Library
  • Arts
  • Academic Success
  • Extraordinary faculty of Smrti Academy

Students have their own struggles during their school days. Their constant improvement towards academics to their personal growth and changes. Their focus is entirely on being and doing better than the previous day. 

Smrti Academy focuses to help students to know themselves and filter their interests to improve focus towards creating a better future for themselves.

With advanced technology the education system has also eased. CBSE has further simplified the education system promoting holistic growth for children.

Smrti Academy, a CBSE school in Bangalore balances academics and extracurricular activities. It improvises the practical skills and reasoning ability of a child.

Why Choose Smrti Academy - A Best CBSE School in Electronic City?

It is not enough to have a school with proper infrastructure, a playing area (both indoor and outdoor sports), spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, a library, various laboratories, and a computer lab. Better education is much more than a better school building and other amenities. Smrti Academy focuses on extra-curricular activities as well other than education. Consider important factors before enrolling your child in a CBSE school.


CBSE School Near Electronic City

Advisory Board

The school has been created by promoters who have 17 years of experience in the sector of education, consulting, banking and they have their support to 245 schools in the provincial areas across India.

The advisory board of Smrti Academy consists of some eminent faces such as – Mr GK Pillai, IAS, is the former Home Secretary, Government of India; Mr. Raghavendra K, a leader with 34+ experience in Human Resource, Dr Somnath Ganguly, a research scientist in structural chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science.

Academic Calibre

A child spends most of the time in school than anywhere else so it is not only the proper infrastructure that should be taken into consideration but other factors should also be kept in mind while enrolling a child in a school. Smrti Academy concentrates not only on knowledge building but also on the building of skills, values and attitudes. The school offers a rich program of Yoga, Music, sports and Art. A strong curriculum blended with academics along with co-curricular activities guarantees that children would be able to connect more to books than in real life.

The academic structure is the building block for any academic institution. For a school to be considered as one of the best schools in CBSE in Bangalore or in India, it is decided by the records of the awards, the accolades and the academic front. These should be the main focus while you are opt-in to school for your child.


Practical & Academic Knowledge:

As globalization seeps into being, there is a constant creation of new knowledge which means that the students and teachers must be open to all the upcoming opportunities. The best CBSE schools do not just rely on academics but offers various activities for the growth of a child. In Smrti Academy, the students are made to explore their cultural, social, emotional, physical & creative aspects along with their areas of interest. This school takes in the best of modules from each country and incorporates those into education. It is therefore compulsory to look for a school that offers different ways for a child to learn.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure:

To create a vibrant atmosphere for learning any good CBSE takes into account its facilities to its students which should have a library with all updated books, an auditorium, well-equipped laboratories, facilities for games and sports outdoors and indoors. With technology-driven, safe and secure infrastructure, Smrti Academy makes sure that the right facilities are accessible to the students and teachers for better learning. For a state to be developed the education sector is one the most unquestionable aspects that are being looked into. Not only well-built infrastructure but also knowledge from books combined with knowledge out of books should be combined when we opt-in for education.

Expenses and the Fee Structure:

The city schools hold up more of expenses as the many factors influence it which includes the board of education, the facilities available the infrastructure and the language of engagement. A renowned CBSE school focuses on outstanding education, growth and development of a child and the fees charged should be as per the facilities the school is providing.
As concerned parents, you must find out the school, which offers facilities based on the fee expenses they charge. What is important here is that the fees paid directly direct it towards the quality of teaching within the school.

Hence, a good school like Smrti Academy is providing several opportunities to students for hands-on activities so they can apply their learning outside the classrooms.

Admissions Open at Best School in Electronic City

Every step and success is usually a step ahead for greater roles and responsibilities. Smrti Academy is open for the academic year 2022-2023.

So without any second thought, you may enroll your child in a CBSE curriculum-based school as it is the best one for students for a better future. Visit our

Smrti Academy Highlights

School Type: Day School


Board: CBSE Board


School Number: 46843

CBSE Affiliation Number: 831211

Type of School: Co-Ed School

Grade Up to: Class X


Establishment Year: 2018


Location: Near Electronic City Phase 1 & 2, Bangalore



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