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What do you see when you look for Best CBSE Schools Near Kodathi? How closer to your home? Or Extracurricular activities? Or Academic excellence? Your search ends here. Smrti Academy stands strong with an outstanding academic record & outstanding extracurricular activities. Smrti Academy has been serving its students & parents for 18 years and helping them. Faced with the pandemic, and have combined high-tech and low-tech approaches to help teachers better support student learning.

Smrti Academy is CBSE affiliated school and follows the standard CBSE syllabus & has a very well-developed education system across its landscape. With parents hailing from different parts of the city, Smrti Academy plays an important role in maintaining uniformity for all students.

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Smrti Academy Infrastructure

Given the infrastructure, Smrti Academy’s student cohort, activities and facilities provided by the school differ and the activities are majorly a decision taken by the school management keeping in mind every child’s safety.

Facilities like transport and meals are optional in Smrti Academy aligned for the convenience of parents. There is a set uniform for students in our schools to maintain uniformity. Smrti Academy as a platform partner with parents to make the best choice by further helping in giving important details on fees, admissions and timelines.

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To build back stronger education systems, Smrti Academy applies those teaching initiatives that have proved to be effective during the remote learning phase and integrate them into the regular education system. It is critical to empower teachers, investing in the necessary skills development and capacity building to exploit the full potential of remote and blended learning. 

Equally important is to free our teachers to focus on providing socio-emotional support for students. The pandemic has changed the role of teachers and most of them prepared themselves for such change with a comprehensive strategy for socio-emotional monitoring and psychosocial support to ensure teachers’ wellbeing and avoid burnout.

Our mission and values have strengthened further amidst the pandemic while we stand even stronger with our values to “Enable the creation of a mindful world’. We stand clear for 18 years to lead in creating a mindful & balanced world by preparing every Smrtian to co-exist, be self-reliant and be future-ready. As we help the children to preserve their childhood.

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Smrti Academy is open for the academic year 2024-25

At Smrti Academy, we enroll diverse talents every year. And for the academic year 2024-25, we are welcoming bright and young minds. Registration for the academic year is open for all students. Smrti Academy urges and welcomes all young minds to make a difference in the world.


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