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Secondary School – 9th to 12th Grades

Secondary School – 9th to 12th Grades

The Secondary Stage is for the Age Group of 15 to 18 years. This is another transition time for children as they move to adolescence. The hormones are raging and at the same time, the children need to focus on Board Exams. Not only should they have understood the basics very well but they need to know the techniques to attempt examinations – Board or the Competitive Exams for Higher Learning. Learning styles change as there is pressure on children. To reduce the pressure on children during the critical years of 10th and 12th Grade Boards, Smrti Academy takes a more fundamental approach to examinations. Children are given a very strong understanding of the basics once again. Then, we set about to help take the children across the Finish Line with confidence. Meticulous planning is done to equip children to handle exams. The syllabus is completed ahead of time so that there is enough time for various practice and mock exam sessions. This not only helps children use the knowledge given by strengthening the fundamentals but also works on their muscle memory for the approach to exams. When they move out of Smrti Academy, they are happy, confident individuals ready to take on the course of their choice in any School/University in the world.

Smrti takes children up to and including 10th Grade currently. The school will apply for CBSE Affiliation for 11th and 12th Grades shortly.

Approach - The What

  • The Smrti Team gets a deep understanding of the needs of this Age Group
  • The School needs to check if children have all their basics right – language, numerical abilities, science, social sciences, computer science
  • Children will begin to understand how to approach Board and Competitive exams and will be given enough practice for the same
  • Children to acquire a deeper understanding of subjects and be able to identify and choose those subjects that they like and want to pursue
  • Children should do research and projects
  • Pedagogy that connects the textbook to the world
  • A healthy mix of Sports, Games, Art & Craft, Music, and Dance

Delivery - The How

  • Textbook and reference book-based learning to help solidify basics
  • An exam approach to help take children across the Finish Line
  • Time-table that weaves in Sports, Games, Music, Dance, etc in a very sensible manner so that it gives the much-needed variety in the Learning Process
  • Projects and online research work that children should do to move towards self-learning
  • Inquiry-based Text Books, make the child think and motivate them to read and learn by themselves. Digital libraries with more e-books to help children in research and to solidify their basic understanding of the subjects
  • Parents will be given counseling sessions to be able to handle the mood swings of their children
  • The Smrti Team is trained and sensitized on how to approach this Age Group and ensure that there is more independent learning, the teachers are more of facilitators of learning and that children strengthen on their basics and also are helped to face exams very confidently
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